About Us

Amy Tully (BSc Adult Nursing) ( PgDip Midwifery) BSY registered Allergies: Testing & Treatment Practitioner

Traditionally, this page would usually be "about the company", but I want to do things differently, you will be receiving a personal and tailored service from me.
I take a personal yet professional approach to food intolerance testing and I have always put my patients and clients at the heart of my service.
I have been a registered Adult nurse for 12 years, practicing in an Emergency department in South East London. I also have a post graduate diploma in Midwifery. During this time I have built up a wealth of experience looking after people’s well being both medically and holistically. My clinical experience has exposed me to many individuals suffering from chronic symptoms who are left with no answers. Personal experience lead me to explore how food, drink and environmental factors can effect your health, be the cause of multiple symptoms and exacerbate chronic conditions.  I have seen first hand how eliminating food, drinks or products that you are sensitive to can significantly improve your quality of life. 

I have been trained extensively under the supervision of Pauline Mills, an experienced Food Intolerance and Allergy practitioner. I have gained theoretical knowledge and training through the BSY Group, studying a Diploma in Allergies: Testing & Treatment (level 3 Practitioner).

I also have Professional Liability Insurance. 

Is your food, drink or environment negatively affecting your health? 

By identifying your intolerances through a simple and painless intolerance test I will be able to pin point potentially harmful foods, drinks, and environmental factors that could be causing your symptoms.  By making changes to your diet or the products you use could dramatically improve your physical and mental wellbeing.  By testing the food and drink you consume, along side the products you use, I can enable you to reach the goal of improving your health.  I will also test for the essential vitamins and minerals to identify any deficiencies, as these may be contributing towards your symptoms. 

Alterations to your diet or changes to the products you use, can stop or improve your symptoms (see my page ‘Food Intolerance Symptoms’). In addition, taking daily supplements or eating the foods rich in vitamins and minerals you are deficient in can improve your outcome. 

On completion of your test, you will be given your written results along side comprehensive advice on how you can eliminate the identified intolerances, as well as re-introducing them at a later stage. To ensure your success with this lifestyle change I will provide you with alternatives to any foods, drinks or products that you are eliminating, where possible.

I provide ongoing support by phone or email if you have any difficulties or concerns following your appointment, or if you do not feel the elimination process is working, I would kindly ask that you complete a food diary for a week for me to assess. If more sessions are required within the first four weeks, there is no further charge.